Learn more about Rabbi Gershon Schusterman, his new release, Why God Why, and the Jewish outloook on tragedy and loss.


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Interview: Real Talk with Hadassah Chen

Rabbi Schusterman's deeply personal and emotionally impactful work.
Arutz Sheva

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When Bad Things Happen... To Anybody

Why do good people suffer?
The Jewish Press

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'Why God Why?': Coping with tragedy, loss in Judaism

Is It Okay to Be Angry with God?
The Jerusalem Post

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A Better Answer of Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

In Judaism, we know that everything — even suffering — comes from God.
The Algemeiner

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Word Prompt – KAVOD – Gershon Schusterman

Kavod, honor, is the hat that respectability wears.
The Jewish Press

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How to Believe in Heaven when it hurts like hell

Click for audio interview with Tzvi Freeman.

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Why, God, Why?

A frank conversation about suffering.

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‘Why God Why?’: A Guide for the Brokenhearted

A rabbi’s deeply personal perspective.


New Book on Tragedy Asks, “Why God Why?”

Jews believe that God is firmly in control of every corner of the universe...
Jewish Journal

Interview with Rabbi Gershon Schusterman

With Raizel Schusterman
A Positive Podcast

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Book Notes: Why God Why?

Maintaining the belief that a loving God is always in charge of the universe.
Lubavitch International

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Do we really believe that stopping evil and heartbreak is above God’s pay grade?

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Strengthening Emunah in the Face of Tragedy

When tragedy hits, how does one continue to maintain and strengthen their Emunah?
The Shema Podcast for the Perplexed

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The Importance of Faith in the Face of Tragedy

Thirty-six years ago, one fateful Sunday morning, my wife Rochel Leah suddenly passed away.
Jew in the City

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"Why God Why?" Helps Readers Coping with Tragedy

A person in pain is a person who really wants the pain to go away.
The Jewish Home

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Do You Want an answer, or do you want a hug?

What purpose is there in telling someone what they already know?
Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

My Wife Died at 36. I Became A Single Father of 11

It was a sunny Sunday morning in 1986...

No Stranger to Pain

Rabbi Gershon Schusterman had the answers to life's tough questions, and then tragedy struck.

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‘Why God Why’ by Rabbi Gershon Schusterman

Everyone, at some point in time, has faced a life-altering event...
Atlanta Jewish Times


Real Talk with Hadassah Chen
Behind the Bima with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Interview with Life Coach Menachem Bernfeld
Live Interview With The Accidental Talmudist
Interview with Sharon Ser
in converstation with Chana Weisberg
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